The Company Connects Entertainment with Contents

About Us

Make joyful life with FreecN
FreecN is the company that provides
content business solution with various formats.
Execute the media plan optimized for the target via
PodFreeca, the audio platform
FreeCat, the short video platform
Feed100, the review platform (to be released)
AfreeCollege, the live knowledge platform.

FreecN’s Vision

Researches the contet consumption pattern of users, preparing future technology, and leading the new content eco-system.
Creates new entertainment by connecting creators, corporations, content, and users.
Creates a new network between creators and users, connecting creators, content, and studios.

Our Mission

Creates the content platform ecosystem that the entertainment of the creators and users generate a virtuous cycle.
Creates a healthy content platform ecosystem in which the value of contents by the creators is appreciated, and ensured with proper rights.
Offers the content creation that can capture the rapidly-changing hearts of the users.

Our History

2019. 01 The launching of the AfreeCollege
2019. 02 PodFreeca records over 100 thousand registered contents, FreecN records one million accumulated views
2019. 03 The launching of the FreeCat, FreeCat recods over 100 registered BJs
2018. 03 Records over 50 professional broadcasting stations
2018. 07 Launched the FreecN App
2018. 10 Launched the PodFreeca
2018. 12 Established the MML (Multi Media Lab)
2017. 09 The establishment of FreecN
2017. 11 First broadcast by a professional creator