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PODTY, the podcast created and heard by everyone!


PODTY is the new media podcast platform based on the audio and video. We are creating new media contents with many partnering firms, including pre-existing broadcast stations.

Additionally, the platform supports the one-stop creation function that allows the users to record, edit, and register contents conveniently through their smartphones, leading the popularization of various personal streaming, including daily lives, music, and hobbies.

Turn on the PodFreeca when your life is not entertaining!

  • 망치부인
  • AJ세인
  • 카펠라

PodFreeca is a unique audio content platform of AfreecaTV, where professional and amateur AJs (Audio Jackey) communicate with the users.

Meet contents from various realms, including music, ASMR, current affairs, sports, learning, book reading, culture, art, traveling, hobby, economy, and investment, at PodFreeca, where anyone can become an Audio Jockey.

Do you watch a video? I watch the curated videos!

  • freecat
  • freecat

FreeCat is a unique short video platform of AfreecaTV,
and it is the personalized curating service that provides short VODs of the live streams of AfreecaTV.

Without noticing, the service recommends videos
according to your interest and search history.
Enjoy the short clips of AfreecaTV
for short but powerful entertainment.

Education platform that users freely communicate with knowledge.

  • afreecolleage
  • afreecolleage
  • afreecolleage

AfreeCollege is the platform where experts from many realms comprise their own curriculums, making available for users to start live education regardless of the location and time.

The users can freely watch high-quality education contents regardless of the region and cost at AfreeCollege.

Expert Knowledge Contents Subscription App

  • hiclass
  • hiclass

The Hi-Klass App is the paid subscription service application where the user can re-watch contents from AfreeCollege and FreecN. If you missed the lecture that you wanted to watch, enjoy it freely on the Hi-Klass App.